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The Municipal Equality Index (MEI) examines how inclusive municipal laws, policies, and services are of LGBTQ people who live and work there. Changes to the April 2016 Database Data for Macao Special Administrative Region and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico are included in data aggregated for the advanced economies. 4% Democracy Index 2019 . The updated report focuses on data center virtualization and cloud computing, which have become fundamental elements in transforming how many business and consumer network services are delivered. nps. International shipments. 2012 Theme Index and Museum Index. It is 1. Visit the Ebola Outbreak section for information on current Ebola outbreaks. With Taraji P. General Election - November 8, 2016, 7 am until 8 pm. Our conclusion: superior CX drives superior revenue growth in industries where customers are free to switch business and competitors deliver a differentiated customer experience. 1995年「FINISH IT! ONE」 2008年「SPIRIT」 2009年「LOCK ON」 2010年「OUR TIME」 2011年「WILL」 2012年「CONQUEST」 2013年「PROFESSIONAL」 2014年「 MY TEAM MY FOOTBALL」 2015年「PUMP IT」 2016年~「WE ARE SEAGULLS」  Mike Regan is a successful, self-made man who has it all: a gorgeous wife, a beautiful teenage daughter and a sleek, state-of-the-art. Travelers Risk Index: Past Reports Explore the top perceived risks that posed the biggest challenges to U. 1: Schematic diagram showing the physical mechanisms by which the SST (shaded), OLR (contours), surface zonal and meridional winds (vectors), and sea level pressure (represented by "H" and "L" which indicate the high and low pressure center, respectively) determine the wintertime Multivariate ENSO Index (MEI) during (a) El Niño and (b) La Niña events. Providing 80 detailed metrics for 129 economies in 2019, the GII has become one of the leading references for measuring an economy’s innovation performance. 06 8. gov Access to Nutrition Initiative. png Created Date: 11/18/2015 2:35:05 PM Number of places 94; Number of datasets 1410; Number of open datasets 166; Percentage open 11%; Welcome to the Global Open Data Index survey website! Submissions for the 2016 edition of the Index are now closed. Peter Stone, Rodney Brooks, Erik Brynjolfsson, Ryan Calo, Oren Etzioni, Greg Hager, Julia Hirschberg, Shivaram Kalyanakrishnan, Ece Kamar, Sarit Kraus, Kevin Leyton-Brown, David Parkes, William Press, AnnaLee Saxenian, Julie Shah, Milind Tambe, and index 2016 driver satisfaction index 2016 page 06-st. News/Raytheon STEM Index . Careful measurement of environmental trends and progress provides a foundation for effective policymaking. The trick to creating a tablet of contents, or TOC, for your document is to use Word 2016’s Heading styles. jp (_at_を@に入れかえてください.). 安心・安全情報. We also use the series to index several amounts that are important to the operation of Social Security's Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability program. [DIR], 1999/, 2016-01-20 17:31, -. Coverage: This table presents the highest toxic-score companies that appear on the Forbes Global 2000 list, 2016 ranking (first 500 companies only), the Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies list, 2016 ranking, the Fortune 500 list as of the end of 2015 (first 500 companies only), the Fortune Global 500 (made with data from fiscal years www. It analyzes billions of web pages and images to detect fraudulent activity and brand abuse. S. Weather Forecast. Explore the Data. Two out of every three This is the fifth edition of the Global Terrorism Index (GTI). 資料3 ※1. Only the most recent CU that was released for SQL Server 2016 SP2 is available at the Download Center. We understand this is an important shift in our indexing and it’s one we take seriously. 35 + dayton, oh united states 14 7. The 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index (GMCI) report is the third study prepared by the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) Global Consumer & Industrial Products Industry Group and the Council on Competitiveness, with prior studies published in 2010 Apr 10, 2017 · A brief overview of the hurricane season is available in the 2016 Atlantic Annual Summary (PDF). 8% in January 2020, increasing from 1. The Human Capital Report 2016 The Human Capital Index seeks to serve as a tool for capturing the complexity of education, employment and workforce dynamics so that various stakeholders are able to make better-informed decisions. [ ], winter1516_lecture3. prison population. 旅東北東北の観光情報, 自動車不具合情報ホット ライン. Abstract. MSCI Equity Indices November 2012 Semi-Annual Index Review. #N#We use the national average wage indexing series to index the earnings of individuals for benefit computation purposes. Bhutan has recorded the largest improvement of any country in the top 20, rising 43 places in the last 12 years. (Toggle Rank and Score for Subindicators) International shipments. 1. The 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index clearly shows that corruption remains a blight around the world. The Global Innovation Index (GII) 2019: Creating Healthy Lives—The Future of Medical Innovation The GII is a source of insight into the multidimensional facets of innovation-driven growth. No description available. [ICO], Name · Last modified · Size · Description. The EHCI analyses national healthcare on 48 indicators, looking into areas such as Patient Rights and Information, Access to Care, Treatment Outcomes, Range and Reach of Services The Youth Development Index (YDI), developed by the Commonwealth Secretariat, measures the status of young people in 183 countries around the world. The Aggregated LPI combines the four most recent LPI editions. The Global Gender Gap Index reveals that all countries can do more to close the gender gap. This site does not currently support mobile devices. Cumulative updates (CU) are now available at the Microsoft Download Center. When indexing an individual's earnings for benefit computation purposes, we must first determine the year of first eligibility for benefits. 2016 U. adjusted for the impact of income and interest rate changes on consumer house-buying power over time and across the United States at the national, state and metropolitan area level. National Park Service Index 2016-2017) Office of Communications 1849 C Street NW Washington, DC 20240 202-208-6843 phone www. An error occurred. Download a data set for 2016 data of the Global Gender Gap report. It intends to measure the state of democracy in 167 countries, of which 166 are sovereign states and 164 are UN member states . National Statistics. . In its 12th year, the Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) is the national LGBTQ benchmarking tool that evaluates healthcare facilities' policies and practices related to the equity and inclusion of their LGBTQ patients, visitors and employees. The S&P 500 Index, shown in bright red, delivered its worst twenty-year return of 6. Poster and pamphlet: A3 poster and summary information . Apr 10, 2017 · A brief overview of the hurricane season is available in the 2016 Atlantic Annual Summary (PDF). The national average wage index for 2018 is 52,145. city average, by expenditure category, 12-month analysis table HTML version of the entire news release The PDF version of the news release Global Slavery Index 2016. However, Outlook 2016 on the new laptop doesn't and is often missing entire email trails in the search results. The Dimensions and Indicators chosen for the Index are based on the Abuja Treaty and its operational framework. com, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser. This figure shows the annual values of the U. The Investment Company Institute found that the average actively managed stock fund carried an expense ratio of 0. 84% of assets in 2015, compared to index funds' average expense ratios of just 0 The 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa has ended. Crime Index by Country 2016. The story of a team of female African-American mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the U. 平成30年度補正予算「ものづくり・商業・サービス生産性向上促進補助金」の二次公募 を開始します(2019年8月19日) · 補助金虎の巻「vol. Measures of inflation and prices include consumer price inflation, producer price inflation and the House Price Index. One of the key characteristics of the digital era is that it is nurtured by a new type of innovation. pdf  The Global Competitiveness Report 2016–2017 | iii. 2018 Travelers Risk Index: Cyber [Infographic] May 17, 2016 · STEM Solutions. If he searches for "from:andrew" the Mar 04, 2020 · Bernie Sanders is closer now than he ever was to the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. The index can be used to check whether your programming skills are still up to date or to make a strategic decision about what programming language should be adopted when starting to build a new software system. Download the The 2016 Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index ranks 100 global cities on three dimensions, or pillars, of sustainability: People, Planet and Profit. 7 percentage points. Now available for iOS and Android. In addition, there are 64 countries that have closed between 70% and 80% of their gender Index of Economic Freedom measures economic freedom of 186 countries based on trade freedom, business freedom, investment freedom, and property rights. Gallup 2016 India state survey World map representing Human Development Index categories (based on 2018 data, published in 2019). These represent social, environmental and economic sustainability to offer an indicative picture of the health and wealth of cities for the present and the future. MSCI Equity Indices May 2013 Quarterly Index Review. The average country score improved by -0. 2015 Theme Index and Museum Index. The GODI 2016/17 Report: The State Of Open Government Data In 2017 This is Open Knowledge International’s first State of Open Government Data report . This full-text index uses an existing unique key index, PK_ProductReview_ProductReviewID. On March 23, 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported cases of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in the forested rural region of southeastern Guinea. All Rights Reserved, Copyright(C)2016 Iwate Transport Branch Office. 7 trillion. 2010 Theme Index. THE SUSTAINABLE CITIES INDEX 2016 City Sustainability is increasingly accomplished in new and different ways. The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season had an approximate ACE of about 129 (x10 4 knots 2) which was about 40 percent above the 1981-2010 mean value of 92 (x10 4 knots 2) and the highest since 2012 Browse report online by clicking on section headings in the ‘2016 Report' box to the left. It is masterminded and led by IEA’s Christopher Snowdon with partners from all over Europe. NET. José Ugaz, Chair, Transparency International Education index. Microsoft Excel 関数の活用 -2007~2016対応-. Starting with SQL Server 2016 (13. Tracking & tracing. 80 8. 2016 North Atlantic Hurricane Season Track Map (click to enlarge) If you have trouble viewing linked files, obtain a free viewer for the file format: Adobe Acrobat (pdf) Google Earth (kml/kmz) The 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index (GMCI) report is the third study prepared by the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) Global Consumer & Industrial Products Industry Group and the Council on Competitiveness, with prior studies published in 2010 Aggregated LPI; Aggregated LPI 2012-2018. Fig. The Index is a supplement to Gender Equality in the Executive Ranks: A Paradox – The Journey to 2030 , a global study sponsored by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research and Date: Mon 18 Dec 2017 13:03:52 Directories: 34 Images: 0. 1: The Networked Readiness Index 2016 4 | The Global Information Technology Report 2016 technologies and draws on NRI data to characterize current innovation dynamics. August 15, 2012. 0/, 2016-02-11 20:35, -. Sub Saharan Africa: 2016 saw elections across the African continent with the results providing a good reflection of corruption trends in the region. 2018 cover: Chimelong Ocean Kingdom’s Journey Of Lights Parade — Zhuhai, China. Microsoft Excel VBA 利用の手ほどき -2007~2016対応-. From 14-16 September 2020 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, INDEX Dubai will be part of the 2nd edition of Middle East Design & Hospitality Week. 09 per cent, with 86 countries improving and 76 recording deteriorations. There is a vast body of literature estimating the impact of financial development on economic Keywords: Financial Development, Financial Institutions and Markets, Index coverage, it is not used in the sub- index. Mar 01, 2016 · The index shows that Vanuatu is the country with the highest disaster risk (Index value: 36. Feel free to ask about others. Columnstore indexes are the preferred data storage format for data warehousing and analytics workloads. 2 (for example) could mean that 20 percent of the country experienced one heat wave, 10 percent of the country experienced two heat waves, or some other combination of frequency and area resulted in this value. Weber Shandwick released its Gender Forward Pioneer (GFP) 2016 Index, which measures the percentage of women in senior management positions at Fortune Global 500 companies. Scores of the six components across the 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 LPI surveys were used to generate a “big picture” to better indicate countries’ logistics performance. 17 ものづくり・商業・サービス生産 性向上促進補助金編」(2019年04月25日) · 補助金虎の巻『vol. RT @GNReport: “Ultra-processed foods (or UPF) now account for more than half of all the calories eaten in the UK and US, and other countrie… 2 days 5 hours ago. 2016消防年報, CSV, 消防局企画人事課. Of course, while our index will be built from mobile documents, we're going to continue to build a great search experience for all users, whether they come from mobile or desktop devices. CLEAN TECH LEADERSHIP INDEX State & Metro / May 2016 Embargoed until 8 AM Eastern, Tuesday, May 17, 2016 (Stories may appear in May 17 versions of printed dailies) Briefing paper: More information about the Happy Planet Index 2016 . Doing Business presents quantitative indicators on business regulations and the protection of property rights Index of /irclogs/2016. Cumulative update. INDEX is the Middle East's largest interior design festival, where architects, interior designers, buyers and hoteliers uncover trends, discover innovations and make business with 1,100+ suppliers and brands to bring design visions to life. X-Force also runs spam traps around the world and monitors tens of millions of spam and phishing attacks daily. The Index The OAG Megahubs Index 2016 presents connectivity data as a series of tables based on regional location and airline type. accesstomedicineindex. 52 Week Range 2,685. pdf, 06-Jan-2016 16:35, 2. The modern market is characterized by mobile capital and labor, with all types of businesses, small and large, tending to locate where they have the greatest competitive advantage. The number of prisoners under state and federal jurisdiction at yearend 2016 (1,506,800) decreased by 19,800 (down 1%) from yearend 2015. 5 Number and rate of hepatitis C-related deaths, by demographic characteristic and year — United States, 2012-2016 Definitions of 'foreign trade' terms. The federal prison population decreased by 7,300 prisoners from 2015 to 2016 (down almost 4%), accounting for 37% of the total change in the U. The index is based on 60 2016 tables. If a The rate of inflation is the change in prices for goods and services over time. Photo courtesy of Miziker Entertainment; 2017 cover Sep 28, 2016 · The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017 assesses the competitiveness landscape of 138 economies, providing insight into the drivers of their productivity and prosperity. The Nature Index 2020 Annual Tables highlight the institutions and countries that dominated high quality research in the natural sciences in 2019 as tracked by Nature Index. Mutschler Subject: The Global Militarisation Index \(GMI\) developed by BICC is 16 pages long and presents, on an annual basis, the relative weight and importance of a country s military apparatus in relation to its society as a whole. Asian markets gain after Trump promises economic stimulus to offset outbreak. 5M. Explore the 2018 global findings, which provides data on the number of people in The Human Freedom Index presents the state of human freedom in the world based on a broad measure that encompasses personal, civil, and economic freedom. MCSA: Windows Server 2016  2016年10月20日 10月20日 お客様 各位 時下ますますご盛栄のこととお喜び申し上げます。 平素は格別 のご高配を賜り、厚くお礼申し上げます。 さて、誠に勝手ながら、来たる11月4日(金)を 今年度の創立記念日とし、全社一斉に休業、及び事務 […] 開所式の様子はこちら からどうぞ。 2016-04-11: グループのFacebookページを開設 しました。最新ニュースや普段の様子など こちら からどうぞ。 2019年4月18日 【IT教育 東京池袋会場 上期(2019年4月~9月)研修案内】. 2018 Travelers Risk Index: Cyber [Infographic] May 17, 2016 · 2016 U. The index was developed on December 19, 1990 with a base value of 100. Key Findings: In a ranking of 35 countries, Colombia ranks highest for job happiness globally while Japan ranks last. The HEI 2019 evaluates more than 1,600 healthcare facilities nationwide. org Reported cases of chronic hepatitis C, by demographic characteristics and laboratory tests — Enhanced Viral Hepatitis Surveillance Sites, 2013-2016 Table 4. 「 実際に動いているところが見たい。ここに来ればそれが分かる。」 の精神のもとに1994 年の第  データ名, 形式, 担当課. [ PARENTDIR], Parent Directory, -. 資料2. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe, Kevin Costner. This supplement features not only the Nature Index Global Top 50 institutions across all sectors, but also the Top 25 Rising Stars – the institutions that had the Jul 11, 2016 · Jul 11, 2016 Acknowledgments The cumulative efforts of at least 50 people are represented in this volume, the third annual edition of the Index of Culture and… The State Business Tax Climate Index distills many complex considerations to an easy-to-understand ranking. Scores of the six components across the 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 LPI surveys were used to generate a “big picture” to better indicate countries' logistics  Name · Last modified · Size · Description. Across the Index, there are only five countries that have closed 80% of the gap or more. The index assesses Learning and Employment outcomes across 5 distinct age groups, on a scale from 0 (worst) to 100 (best), and assesses 130 economies. The annual National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report (QDR) is mandated by Congress to provide a comprehensive overview of the quality of health care received by the general U. 3M. Word’s Table of Contents command uses those formats to build a table of contents field, which reflects … 52 Week Range 2,685. businesses and consumers in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. [DIR], D -View 6. Company Register. コース名 MU95D202K. In addition to making traditional research tools more powerful, The 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa has ended. This app will allow you to see attaining and impaired streams and lakes, the impairment causes, the stream and lake names and you can export the information into a eps, gif, jpg, pdf, png or svg. Your roundup of the 2016 presidential campaign from across public media. Early Voting for the General Election - Thursday, October 27, 2016 through Thursday, November 3, 2016 from 8 am until 8 pm. Top 25% highest Employee Experience Index scores Bottom 25% lowest Employee Experience Index The average level of global peacefulness improved very slightly last year on the 2019 Global Peace Index (GPI). 2013 Theme Index and Museum Index. 開催番号. 2016 Integrated Report x Welcome to the new web mapping application for the 2016 Integrated Report. 国内・ITイベント一覧 · Black Hat · Content Marketing World · ConnecTechAsia · Retail Asia Conference & Expo · HOME; 出展のご案内. 5 percent in April, the lowest figure since numeric ISM ® Report On Business ® index records began in January 1948. Data in the tables are those available to the Human Development Report Office as of 15 November, 2013, unless otherwise specified. pdf, 04-Jan-2016 17:35, 9. Download the full PDF of the 2016 Global Slavery Index. Nov 20, 2019 · The chart above looks at rolling twenty-year returns from January 1979 – December 2016. For each column, the example specifies the LCID of English, 1033, which is the language of the data in the columns. LPI Global Rankings 2016. 30am… www3. Top 25% highest Employee Experience Index scores Bottom 25% lowest Employee Experience Index Source: WorkTrends™ 2016 Global sample for the IBM/Globoforce Employee Experience Index Study (n=23,070) Note: The scores are reported as percent favorable, the average level of agreement across the three items that measure discretionary effort. 80. The Dow dived 1,079 points in the first week because of concerns about China's economic slowdown and plunging oil prices. Preface xi by Richard Samans. 認定資格, 認定試験, 対応コース コード, 対応コース名, 期間. The 6% selloff was the Dow's worst five-day start The Democracy Index is an index compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), a UK -based company. 95 9. > Index by Country. Name · Last modified · Size · Description · Parent Directory, - 28-Nov-2016 16:37 - [ ] BJet. Heat Wave Index from 1895 to 2015. Election Results. Nov 11, 2016 · Voter turnout this year dipped to nearly its lowest point in two decades. Global Passport Power Rank 2020 . This was the first time that the index improved in the last five years. 2014 Theme Index and Museum Index. Tweet. February 13, 2013. population and disparities in care experienced by different racial and socioeconomic groups. All Africans, not just policy makers and decision makers, have a role to play in making integration a reality for the continent. pdf, 2016-10-22 14:49, 3. org See latest FHFA House Price Index (HPI) report here , review analysis of the fourth quarter results, and download MSA Fact Sheets on top and bottom 30 metropolitan areas in house price appreciation. World map of countries by Human Development Index categories in increments of 0. Source: Calculated using Mean Years of Schooling and Expected Years of Schooling. #electionPBS # Sep 08, 2016 · Wells Fargo said on Thursday it fired 5,300 employees for creating ghost accounts over the past five years without the knowledge of customers. Global Militarization Index 2016 Author: Dr Max M. サイバーセキュリティ基本法の一部改正に伴う関係規則等の整備(案) PDF. 25 4. The index is a comprehensive measure across 5 domains that are critical to youth development: education health employment civic participation political participation. Logistics competence. The Climate Change Performance Index 2016 A comparison of the 58 top CO2 emitting nations Its aim is to encourage political and social pressure on those countries which have, up to now, failed to take ambitious actions on climate protection as well as to highlight countries with best-practice climate policies. MSCI Equity Indices February 2013 Quarterly Index Review. Download. Welcome to the 2019 Lowy Institute Global Diplomacy Index. MSCI Equity Indices Aug 2013 Quarterly Index Review. gov www. China is the most competitive manufacturing nation…for now: Consistent with the previous 2010 and 2013 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index studies, China is again ranked as the most competitive manufacturing nation in 2016, but is expected to slip to second position as global executives Title: Verisk_Maplecroft_Climate_Change_Vulnerability_Index_2016_Infographic. heritage. 'import', 'export' and 'USPPI' are all expamples. The Latest. py 27-Sep -2019 16:02 6k  7200-CM3/, 2016-02-11 20:34, -. org The K-index, and by extension the Planetary K-index, are used to characterize the magnitude of geomagnetic storms. Established 2007. Networked Readiness Index 2016. youtube. Administrative Boundaries. The First American Real House Price Index (RHPI) measures the price changes of single-family properties throughout the U. – February 5, 2018—Today, Cisco released the seventh annual Cisco® Global Cloud Index (2016-2021). The Consumer Prices Index including owner occupiers’ housing costs (CPIH) 12-month inflation rate was 1. Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Tracks. Select date: World Report 2016 summarizes key human rights issues in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide. Interpretation: An index value of 0. But 2015 was also a year when people again took to the streets to protest corruption. This is a 2 percentage points drop from the 27% gap in 2015 Men earn hourly median gross wage of INR 345. May 06, 2020 · The ACE index is used to calculate the intensity of the hurricane season and is a function of the wind speed and duration of each tropical cyclone. 2011 Theme Index. org The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by urban consumers for a market basket of consumer goods and services. The importing risk maps show the top five at-risk products imported by G20 countries. [PARENTDIR], Parent Directory, -. > 27-Sep-2019 16:02 4k [TXT] BrazilianPlots. This year’s edition highlights that declining openness is threatening growth and prosperity. RT @ATNIndex: Registration now open for our India Spotlight Index 2020 multistakeholder launch event! ️Thursday, February 27th ⏰11. The overall index inched upward, in part because of an influx of foreign students and workers. Partner Institutes v. [ ], 2016-10-18_RM INFRA security HACKLU. オープンデータとは. About OAG Megahubs Index 2016 OAG has calculated the total number of all possible connections between inbound and outbound flights within a six-hour window at the largest 100 airports in the world (based The Index 2016 report covers Member Countries from the eight Regional Economic Communities (RECs) recognized by the African Union. 2019年9月、世界の代表的なESG投資指標であるDow Jones Sustainability Indices において、Asia Pacific Indexの構成銘柄として4年連続で選定されました。 Dow Jones 2019年4月、経済産業省と東京証券取引所が選定する「攻めのIT経営銘柄2019」に 2年連続で選定されました。「攻めのIT経営銘柄」 2016年9月30日付けで、厚生 労働省大阪労働局より「えるぼし」の最高位(3段階目)の認定を受けました。「えるぼし」 は、  January 2016. The Africa Regional Integration Index, now in its first edition, aims to plug the knowledge gap on regional integration. 開催概要 · マーケティング・テクノロジーフェアとは · コンテンツ マーケティング  DO-IT Japanでは,障害や病気による困難を抱える学生の進学や就職といった本人の 希望の実現をサポートすることで,未来の社会のリーダーとなる人材の育成を目指してい ます。 ネットワークにつながるすべてのモノについて、Interoperability(相互接続性)を検証 する場、それがInteropの原点です。 I Know it works because I saw it at Interop. Try watching this video on www. China and the United States jockey for top honors while Germany holds firm. 78 9. ProductReview. The index is a dynamic quantitative and qualitative benchmarking model, constructed from 34 unique indicators, that measures these drivers of food security across both developing and developed countries. 講演情報: 記念講演「ものづくり革命 IT/IoTが切り開く、現場の生産性向上」決定しました ; 説明会情報: ITの力で中小企業をサポート! 平成28年10月14日: 『中小企業テクノ フェアin九州2016』は、10月14日(金)をもって、盛会のうちに終了いたしました。 ロボット展示をはじめ、ロボット開発に必要な要素・IT技術など一堂に出展するロボット 専門の 開発技術展です。前回開催の好評をうけ、今回さらに規模を拡大 2016/08/10 : 2017年度出展社募集を開始しました。 2016/05/13: セミナー追加掲載しました。 25 Jan 2017 Let's get straight to the point: No country gets close to a perfect score in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2016. (−0. More information about these indices. Alan Neuhauser May 17, 2016. People across the globe sent a strong signal to those in power: it is time to tackle grand corruption. nti. Aug 15, 2016 · China joins the ranks of the world’s 25 most-innovative economies, while Switzerland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Finland and Singapore lead the 2016 rankings in the Global Innovation Index, released today by Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). 2016 North Atlantic Hurricane Season Track Map (click to enlarge) If you have trouble viewing linked files, obtain a free viewer for the file format: Adobe Acrobat (pdf) Google Earth (kml/kmz) Also, in addition to examining where modern slavery is perpetrated, this edition exposes where the products of crime are sold and consumed. #N#Visual Basic . 2-percentage point decrease from the March reading of 47. 2017消防年報, CSV, 消防局企画人事課. Use Heading 1 for main heads, Heading 2 for subheads, and Heading 3 for lower-level heads and titles. Programming Language. 目次(クリックすると該当部分から見ること が出来ます。) オープニング~これまでのCEATEC · 2019年出展者メッセージ Wovn  2019 ―IT革命から「DT革命」へ ‐データ技術が拓く新時代― · 2018 シンギュラリティへ の挑戦 · 2017 IoTが拓くイノベーションと成長 · 2016 デジタルトランスフォーメーション ~ビジネスが変わる・ものづくりが変わる · 2015 インテリジェンスが築く都市・ビジネス・   お問い合わせ; Informa主催:ITイベント. [DIR] , 1998/, 2016-03-17 16:41, -. 「996」という言い方が世に出たのは2016年10月、中国のある 大手IT企業が「996工作制」  2016/05/26 平成28年熊本地震に伴うソフトバンク コマース&サービス サポート体制の お知らせ · 2015/12/07 2015年度 年末年始 サポート窓口業務のご案内 · 2015/05/19 ユーザ情報登録 再開のご案内 · 2015/04/23 ユーザ情報登録 メンテナンスのご案内 Splunk は様々なITシステムから生成されるデータの収集、検索、分析、可視化を行う データ分析プラットフォームです。 年および2016年にはウクライナで大規模な停電が引き起こされる等の事件が発生し ており、制御システムのセキュリティ対策の 2016年6月21日: IPAニューヨーク事務 所:米国における電力インフラとITをめぐる動向(2016年6月号) · 2016年5月31日: IPA   2017年6月28日 ※無線LAN(VPN)接続は、 2016年2月29日にサービスを終了しました。 ※ ダイアルアップ接続は、2011年3月31日にサービスを終了しました。 TOPへ戻る. Kp is an excellent indicator of disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field and is used by SWPC to decide whether geomagnetic alerts and warnings need to be issued for users who are affected by these disturbances. Gallup 2016 methodology. gov National Park Service U. 01) compared with 2016, with 70 www. It is based on the theory of purchasing-power parity (PPP For the 14th year in a row, AHRQ is reporting on health care quality and disparities. 87 6. The definition of the TIOBE index can be found here . 27 - 3,288. [ ], winter1516_lecture2. 2018消防年報, CSV, 消防局企画人事課. This is a full list of countries by the Human Development Index as included in a United Nations Development Programme 's 2016 Theme Index and Museum Index. The programs described in the MMWR Supplement, Strategies for Reducing Health Disparities—Selected CDC-Sponsored Interventions, United States, 2016, are examples of CDC-sponsored initiatives that address health disparities with the goal of advancing health equity. Primary Election - April 26, 2016, 7 am until 8 pm. Given the global competition between cities, the Global Power City Index (GPCI) evaluates and ranks the major cities of the world It does so through measuring 6 functions—Economy, Research and Development, Cultural Interaction, Livability, Environment, and While its score continued to rise following the 2016 EU membership referendum, this year its score in Economy's World's Top 500  2019年4月26日 「996」は労働法違反. 45. Links Direct link to Gallery. [DIR], 02/, 2016 -03-01  Name · Last modified · Size · Description. The 2016 tables are based on Nature Index data from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015. 2016 年リオデジャネイロオリンピック・パラリンピック競技大会における状況. Methods paper: A detailed explanation of how the Happy Planet Index 2016 results were calculated . The full-text index is on the on the ReviewerName, EmailAddress, and Comments columns of the Production. May 01, 2020 · The Production Index registered 27. Based on the data for the eight sectors1 covered by the Monster Salary Index, the overall gender pay gap in India amounts to 25% in 2016. At Arcadis we believe the best way to truly understand the sustainability of a city is to amalgamate attributes from the perspectives of people, planet and profit to form a holistic view of each The size of the local currency bond market in Japan (tracked by the S&P Japan Bond Index) stood at JPY 1,154 trillion as of Jan. Government Spending. Connecting you to in-depth reporting and analysis on the candidates and the issues this election year. The index indicated a second straight month of contraction, and the 20. 44. The average level of global peacefulness improved very slightly last year on the 2019 Global Peace Index (GPI). 2018 2016 2014 2012 2010 2007. Average price data for select utility, automotive fuel, and food items are also available. FY 2016 FINAL Hospital Wage Index Development Time Table Note : In the FY 2015 IPPS Final Rule, CMS finalized the following changes to the timetable from the prior year: The October PUF containing the S-3 data (for cost reports beginning during FY 2012) was released in May 2014 (now known as the “Preliminary May S-3 PUF”) Mar 29, 2017 · The Education Choice and Competition Index is an annual ranking of school choice in the nation’s 100 largest school districts based on objective scoring of 13 categories of education policy and Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U): U. It measures gender inequalities in three important aspects of human development—reproductive health, measured by maternal mortality ratio and adolescent birth rates; empowerment, measured by proportion of  2016年11月15日付で公表しました株式会社デージー・テクノロジーズとの吸収合併 につきまして、本日、吸収合併契約の効力が 9月22日(土)開催の「マイナビ転職 IT エンジニアセミナー 秋葉原UDX」と2012年11月4日(日)開催の「@TYPE エンジニア 適職  The Universal Language of IT: The SolarWinds IT Trends Report 2020 explores the evolving role of technology in business compiles input from tech pros in charge of driving business performance. ILGA-Europe’s annual benchmarking tool, which ranks 49 countries in Europe on their LGBTI equality laws and policies, reveals not only a standstill but a visible backslide on laws and policies safeguarding equality and human rights of LGBTI people. 95 4. x), you can use columnstore indexes for real-time analytics on your operational workload. The twelfth edition of the Democracy Index finds that the average global score has fallen from 5. 4% a year over the twenty years ending in May 1979. Over two-thirds of the 176 countries and territories in this year's index fall below the midpoint of our scale of 0 It has been four years since the Panama Papers blew the lid on corporate secrecy. org SAN JOSE, Calif. Gallup. ac. Human Capital Index 2016. This explains the sharp drop of most of Arab countries on the 2016 index – 90 percent of these have scored below 50, which is a failing grade. 「オープンデータ」とは、特定のアプリケーション・ソフトウェアに限ら ず  コールセンターの経営学 · 戦略的コールセンターのすすめ · グッドマンの法則に見る「 戦略的カスタマーサービス」 · 書籍一覧 · トレーニング · イベント · デモ&コンファレンス 東京 · デモ&コンファレンス大阪 · コンタクトセンターアワード · 白書セミナー · ITを探す  It is joined at the top of the index by New Zealand, Austria, Portugal, and Denmark. The Global Competitiveness Index 2016–2017 Rankings. Yet if he browses to the date he sees in Outlook 2010, he can see the emails listed in 2016. [2017-12-18] Jan 06, 2017 · Directed by Theodore Melfi. Indexes are available for the U. eu. 7 Read more […] Nov 20, 2019 · The chart above looks at rolling twenty-year returns from January 1979 – December 2016. November 14, 2012. [DIR], DEM-210/, 2016-02-11 20:35, -. This is the worst average global score since The Economist Intelligence Unit first produced the Democracy Index in 2006. The index was first published in 2006, with updates for 2008, 2010 and later years. Source: WorkTrends™ 2016 Global sample for the IBM/Globoforce Employee Experience Index Study (n=23,070) Note: The scores are reported as percent favorable, the average level of agreement across the three items that measure discretionary effort. Be part of The Indeed Happiness Index thus delivers key insights into what workplace happiness means to millions of people—while also revealing what keeps us engaged and motivated on the job. www. →その他のリンク集へ · リンク・著作権・免責事項について · プライバシー ポリシーについて. The Nanny State Index (NSI) is a league table of the worst places in the European Union to eat, drink, smoke and vape. space program. 資料4 ※1. Jul 19, 2016 · World Economic Outlook on Google Public Data Explorer offers select indicators from the latest online WEO database, such as GDP growth and inflation. 050 (based on 2018 data, published in 2019). 17 「IT化」ベストな補助  . the index ranking by country 2016 rank region index score (100= best) country energy - electricity (cost per kwh) international bandwidth (megabyte Euro Health Consumer Index 2016 The EHCI, started in 2005, is the leading comparison for assessing the performance of national healthcare systems in 35 countries. [DIR]  Index of /2016. 34 9. Regulators allege millions of these bank and credit Oct 27, 2015 · Doing Business 2016: Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency, a World Bank Group flagship publication, is the 13th in a series of annual reports measuring the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it. Jan 19, 2016 · Germany, Sweden, Japan and Switzerland rounded out the top five in the 2016 Bloomberg Innovation Index, which scored economies using factors including research and development spending and The Gallup-Purdue Index Report 2016 provides university leaders with important information about how they can continue to improve their policies and programs to give current and future students the experiences required to be successful outside of college. Regional integration is a development priority for Africa. weforum. [ ]  2016年11月22日(火): 「3Dソリューションセミナー in 北陸」開催 石川県地場産業 振興センター 新館 5階 第13研修室; 2016年8 2016年7月11日(月): 「インテックIT フェア2016 in 金沢」開催石川県地場産業振興センター 本館 3F 第3研修室、第5研修 室  当社は昨年に引き続き、JFEグループのIT戦略や具体的な取り組みを公開した「IT レポート2019」を制作し、冊子版の発行および当社ホームページで公開しました。 本 レポートでは、これらのIT戦略に基づいた取り組みを公開することにより、お客様や株主・ 投資家  ・2016/9/24: 『講義』を更新しました。(後期のシラバスをリンクしました。) ・2016/5/18 : 『メンバー』のPublication List を更新しました。(埼玉大学,理研との共同研究論文が Journal of the Email, yishii_at_shibaura-it. Data: Download the complete Happy Planet Index 2016 results worldjusticeproject. louis, mo united states 13 7. 2020年; 2019年; 2018年; 2017年; 2016年; バックナンバー(2015年以前) つながる 技術で快適を創る―ライフソリューション―」; 2019年09月号: 「安心・安全で快適な社会 を支える映像・通信技術」; 2019年08月号: 「企業・社会の快適・安心・発展を支えるIT  MCSA: マイクロソフト認定ソリューション アソシエイト. 4M. Rankings. 72) among the 171 countries covered by the World Risk Index 2015. Replay all 19 webcasts, read blogs, and watch videos highlighting the best of the Meetings. 05 1. 27, 2016, which is equivalent to USD 9. Whereas Tonga shows an increase in the lack of adaptive capacities, the Philippines have managed The World Bank Group hosted distinguished speakers at the 2016 Spring Meetings, from Queen Rania and Ban Ki-moon to Michelle Obama and Bill Gates. These data cover the contiguous 48 states. The report provides a comprehensive summary of the key global trends and patterns in terrorism over the last 17 years in covering the period from the beginning of 2000 to the end of 2016. 98). Cities are rated based on non-discrimination laws, the municipality as an employer, municipal services, law enforcement and the city leadership's public position on equality. The FHFA HPI is a broad measure of the movement of single-family house prices. Department of the Interior Updated June 2017 The full-text index is on the on the ReviewerName, EmailAddress, and Comments columns of the Production. IBM Security analyzes data and insight derived from monitored security clients, incident response services and penetration testing engagements. 62 percent higher than the index for 2017. Access leading top city rankings for 2016-2017 from the Innovation Cities™ Index by 2thinknow of 500 cities globally ranked for innovation. Global metrics for the environment. Often referred to as the “think tanks’ think tank,” TTCSP examines the evolving role and character of public policy For analytics, a columnstore index offers an order of magnitude better performance than a btree index. The FHFA HPI is a weighted, repeat-sales index, meaning that it T HE BIG MAC index was invented by The Economist in 1986 as a lighthearted guide to whether currencies are at their “correct” level. World press freedom index | RSF The 2016 Happy Planet Index includes a component for ‘inequality of outcomes’ to account for this, adjusting the average wellbeing and life expectancy in each country downwards to account for inequalities in each of these outcomes. Based on key findings from our work on the Global Open Data Index (GODI) 2016/17 it outlines the obstacles to open government data publication, and suggests steps that will allow progress in Jun 21, 2016 · In 2015, we explored whether customer experience really matters to business success or whether CX is just the latest hype. The index is 3. 8 The gender pay gap was 24% in 2014 and 27% in 2015. The Global Food Security Index considers the core issues of affordability, availability, and quality across a set of 113 countries. The Networked Readiness Index measures, on a scale from 1 (worst) to 7 (best), the performance of 139 economies in leveraging information and communications technologies to boost competitiveness, innovation and well-being May 17, 2016 — The new, free World Development Report (WDR) 2016 App makes the latest World Bank flagship report on Digital Dividends both accessible and mobile. The index tracks the daily price performance of all A-shares and B-shares listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Afghanistan is now the least peaceful  最新のグッドデザインに出会う4つの展示イベント。 The GII is an inequality index. In Ghana, for example, voters voiced Dec 30, 2016 · But 2016 started scary. and various geographic areas. Background on the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) of the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania conducts research on the role policy institutes play in governments and civil societies around the world. Last Updated  交通事故被害に遭われた方へ. Covering 61 countries and territories, the Index offers a comprehensive comparison of the world’s most significant diplomatic networks across three years – 2016, 2017 and 2019. February 1, 2016 — Old economics explains the new economy well. Please visit us on your full-sized tablet or desktop. 63 Oct 18, 2016 · For example, he will search for "from:and" and Outlook 2010 will display all the correct results. The Human Capital Index measures countries’ ability to maximize and leverage their human capital endowment. Enquiries: info@epicenternetwork. At Arcadis we believe the best way to truly understand the sustainability of a city is to amalgamate attributes from the perspectives of people, planet and profit to form a holistic view of each A major goal of public health is to reduce health disparities. 48 in 2018, to 5. Early Voting for the Primary Election - Thursday, April 14, 2016 through Thursday, April 21, 2016 from 10 am until 8 pm. 8, whereas women only receive INR 259. The 2016 Happy Planet Index includes a component for ‘inequality of outcomes’ to account for this, adjusting the average wellbeing and life expectancy in each country downwards to account for inequalities in each of these outcomes. [DIR], 7200-CM4/, 2016-02-11 20:35, -. It reflects investigative work that Human Rights Watch staff undertook in 2015, usually in Dec 09, 2019 · This update contains fixes that were released after the initial release of SQL Server 2016 SP2. 4% The rate of inflation is the change in prices for goods and services over time. The initiative was launched in March 2016 and was a media hit right across Europe. Read more. The best twenty-year return of 18% a year occurred over the twenty years ending in March 2000. The 2018 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) ranks 180 countries on 24 performance indicators across ten issue categories covering environmental health and ecosystem vitality. Tonga ranked 2nd (Index value: 28. #N#Delphi/Object Pascal. When we buy something, we spend time and money searching for it, comparing it Report highlights. Draft Legislation. [DIR], 01/, 2016-02-01 00:00, -. pdf 20-Jan-2020 13:16 33k [TXT] BdKstarMuMu_PhaseII_. Passports of the world ranked by their total mobility score. from 65 countries in 2015 to 77 in 2016. 45) and the Philippines, ranked 3rd (Index value: 27. 「各府省庁セキュリティ・IT 人材確保・育成計画」の作成状況等について. 7 percent is the largest one-month decline since January 1984, when the index fell 20. For retirement, eligibility is at age 62. It is a dynamic and evolving tool that tracks how the continent’s eight Regional Economic Communities (RECs), and countries within each REC, are doing on regional integration overall and by priority areas. Global Findings. [DIR]  Index of /slides/2016 winter1516_lecture1. 1日間 MU87D201K. index of it 2016

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